IFS Events for Mental Health Professionals

Consultation groups for level 1+  trained IFS therapists and practitioners 

Summer  2023

Goal of the group is to support folks actively working on integrating IFS into their clinical practices. We will focus on specific clinical cases and their IFS conceptualizations, on therapists’ parts trying to aid the process and on further developing IFS skills, such as unblending from the parts, holding Self-energy, using direct access, 6Fs, and externalization of the parts. We will also look at the larger systems within which we and our clients are functioning and consider the ways in which those systems affect our multiple identities. In addition, this group is also a place to receive emotional support and bathe in collective Self-energy. Group is limited to 6 participants.

Group 1General consultation group for Level 1 + trained practitioners.
Days/Times: WEDNESDAYS, 9:30 – 11:30 am ET
Dates: 06/28/23, 07/12/23, 07/26/23, 08/02/23, 08/16/23, 08/30/23
Group 2Consultation group for complex trauma and neurodivergent cases for Level 1+ trained practitioners. In this group we will focus on specifics of using IFS with complex trauma and with neurodivergent individuals. Pre-requisite: general consultation group or individual consultations or peer consultation group following completion of Level 1. This group would be more appropriate for the folks who have completed level 1 at least 6 months ago. 
Days/Times: THURSDAYS, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm ET
Dates: 06/29/23, 07/13/23, 07/27/23, 08/10/23, 08/17/23, 08/31/23
Cost: $500 via PayPal or Credit card (for 12 clinical hours), $200 of which have to be paid during registration in order to secure the spot. Second payment of $300 is due 5 days before the start of the group. Please, note that deposit of $200 is non-refundable. Money for the missed sessions are not refunded.

Where : live meetings on Zoom
Who can participate:
Level 1 or higher trained IFS therapists and practitioners, who are:
1) Committed to the attendance of most of the sessions 
2) Open to working with their own parts

Structure of a typical session:

  • Meditation
  • Parts’ check in
  • "Working phase": Case consultation that may take different forms such as  work with therapist parts, role-play, sculpting, group discussion, etc. OR professional support around anything IFS
  • Clinical Q & A (if there is time left)
  • Closing ritual

Each group participant will have 1 "working phase" slot during the course of the group that they can use for case consultation, working with their parts, or professional support. In addition, we will have mini-consults throughout our time together, where individuals can get additional support.
In the beginning of the new cycle we will spend time building trust and getting to know each other.
Registration process:
To register, please, fill out the form here: https://forms.gle/6PoKaDY4DUbg...
After your form has been received and reviewed, you will receive an email with the payment link and other information. You registration is complete once you pay $200 deposit to hold your space.
Cancellation policy:
  In the case of a cancellation 1 week prior to the start of the group  refund minus $200 deposit could be arranged. If a cancellation happened later, no refund is available except in very rare agreed upon cases of emergency. Once the group session started no refund is available and there is no refund for the missed meetings.

Facilitator: Irina Diyankova, Ph.D., licensed psychologist, certified IFS therapist, IFSI approved consultant, Assistant Trainer. Irina has completed level 1 IFS training with Chris Burris in 2013. She finished level 2 IFS training on IFS, Trauma and Neuroscience with Dick Schwartz and Frank Anderson in 2015. She has completed level 3 with Pam Krause in 2021. She has assisted in multiple level 1 and level 2 trainings between 2014 and present time. Irina has also conducted multiple IFS workshops in the US and Russia. Currently, Irina is serving as an Assistant Trainer with the IFS Institute, co-facilitating level 1 trainings. SHe is very passionate and excited about IFS Model and loves sharing it with other therapists and human services professionals.

QUestions? Complaints?
Contact Facilitator at [email protected]

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