Healing Trauma 101 Class

Currently, I offer 1 class to my new and returning clients, as well as to the public. Anyone, who is interested in the topic can take the class. Those, who would like to work with me, are required to take the class before or within a month of starting psychotherapy with me.

Healing Trauma 101 Class

This class is 6 hours long (4 weeknights, 1 hr 30 min each; 2 weeknights, 3 hours each,  OR  two Saturday mornings, 3 hrs each). The following topics will be covered: what is trauma, acute versus chronic trauma, impact of trauma on brain & nervous system, physical health, emotional and spiritual functioning;  managing common trauma symptoms & problems, understanding healing process and assessing where you are at in your healing from trauma, creating your own healing program and self-care program . Class will include multiple hands-on activities to insure best learning.

  • ONLINE FORMAT: Available anytime. Learn at your own pace moving through eight learning modules. To learn more about the class, I invite you to watch informational video: https://youtu.be/2-sSw7dTa0c
    To read more and register, please, visit class page: https://irina-s-school-1637.thinkific.com/
    Class fee: $100
  • IN-PERSON FORMAT : Suspended during COVID-19 until further notice. Class cost: $100 , which includes class tuition and manual to take home. If you are bringing a support person (family member or friend)  with you to take a class, the cost for them is $75. If you are taking this class for the second time, cost is $75. There are 2 scholarships available, which cover 50% of tuition (by therapist referral only).

    With questions contact  Dr. Diyankova via email at [email protected] with the subject line "Healing Trauma 101 class".

    To learn more about the class, watch this video

    Previous class participants sharing their experiences:
    1 . SF, trauma survivor: "I am walking away with a new hope that I can be happy again, not be ashamed, and I now have the beginning of my "tool chest" that will help me build the life I once had again, and hope to become whole".
    2. SL, 27 y.o., trauma survivor: "This class really helped me to understand that it is normal to feel the way I have been feeling and has helped tremendously with putting me on the right path to healing".
    3. S, rape survivor: "Learning what I did in this class has been a really big step in finding compassion for myself and understanding my own experiences better... This class has been a reminder that I am not alone".


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