Office Location Information

My office is located in Cedar Bluff area of Knoxville
The building is owned by TKO Suites f.k.a.  Knoxville Executive Suites.
See address and map below.

9111 Cross Park Dr.
Building D, suite 200
Knoxville, TN 37923

Before you come to see me, make sure that you have an appointment. I am seeing clients BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (To schedule an appointment, click here ) . You can park anywhere around the building. When you enter the building D at 200 level, you will see a waiting room and reception on your left. Please, let receptionist know that you are here to see Dr. Diyankova and they will alert me. I will be out to greet you as soon as I am done with the previous client.
If your appointment is scheduled at 5 pm or later, please, follow these steps:
1) after you pass the first door, you will see a phone on your right; please pick it up and dial "261"
2) when I answer, state your name and then hang up
3) I will come and let you into the waiting area

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