Services Provided


I provide a number of services, including individual psychotherapy , group psychotherapy , couple's counseling, and psychological evaluation for adults and teenagers (14-18 y.o.). Additionally, I provide professional clinical consultations to the mental health professionals on complex trauma cases and supervision to therapists-in-training.

I help people with a variety of different concerns, INCLUDING but NOT LIMITED to:
·        Trauma-related issues, including consequences of child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault,             crime, military experiences, natural disasters, and other out-of-the-ordinary life                experiences                             
·        Anxiety, including panic attacks and OCD
·        Depression, Bipolar, and other mood disorders
·        Eating and body image concerns
·        Identity issues
·        Cultural struggles, including experiences of being a member of a minority group, discrimination, bias, rejection, adjustment to the mainstream culture, and immigration issues
·        Grief and loss
·        Interpersonal and relationship problems, including family and marital relationships
I have a strong interest and an emphasis on complex trauma cases, which include impact of multiple traumatic experiences or really long lasting traumatic experiences.

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